Intellectual Property & Technology

  • Are you starting your business and looking for guidance as to how you can best protect your intellectual property rights? Is your business doing well and you wonder whether its assets are protected as they should?

    Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property (IP) rights are there to protect not only your creations or inventions but also your brand and business identity.

    We can help identifying the existing IP rights and manage them by either making the appropriate registrations or guide you through the process (please note that, for patents, a patent attorney usually has to be involved in the process as well). We can also keep track of those registrations to ensure that they remain valid throughout time.

    If you are considering selling or buying a business, we can also guide you through due diligence process and help you figure out how to make the most out of your investment (either the one you’re selling or the one you’re buying).



    If you are in contact with third parties to negotiate a service agreement, e.g. Software-as-a-Service / SaaS or traditional software license agreement, we can review the contract for you, ensuring that your best interests are protected, and we can assist you in the negotiation process with the other party.

    Please note that we usually offer limited-scope representation (as explained in the Fee Agreement or Engagement Letter), which does not include litigation services.