The Firm

  • Our law firm is the work product of Yoann’s over 20 years’ professional experience, both as an IT engineer (15+ years as infrastructure expert with a focus on open source) and as in-house lawyer advising large corporations (worldwide) on their technology law and privacy compliance matters.

    As a digital entrepreneur himself, Yoann designed this firm as a tool you can rely on, similarly to any -as-a-Service solution: you can think of us as your LaaS / “Lawyer-as-a-Service” provider!

    We are a “virtual law firm:” all legal advice is provided online (either in real-time consultations, e.g. video calls or chat, or asynchronously via a secure online portal allowing email-like messaging and document sharing) and we offer fixed-fee agreements for most services.

    Please note that we do not offer in-court representation or litigation services.