• Whether you want to launch a new business and don’t know how to start or you want to expand your business in other countries, we will be happy to assist you with your projects!


    C Corporation, S Corporation, LLC… Feeling lost with all the acronyms and options available to you as an entrepreneur?

    We can help determine what is the best type of corporate structure depending on the level of control you want to preserve, potential costs involved, corporate governance, accounting & tax considerations. We can help you with the incorporation process and with the holding of board and shareholders’ meetings.



    Your business will also need to get financing and we can advise you on the best options available, through equity, debt, or other types of instruments which would best suit your needs and objectives. We can help drafting and negotiating all the relevant documentation (e.g. shareholders’ agreements, joint ventures, loan agreements, issuance of new shares, bonds).



    We can also assist you with any corporate governance matters that you may encounter in order to preserve your rights (directors’ liability, types of transactions which may need certain authorizations, etc.)

    Important notice on conflicts of interest: please note that, in most instances, to remain compliant with our ethical obligations, we cannot represent both the founder / entrepreneur and the business itself. If we act as counsel for the founder, we usually focus on the entrepreneur’s objectives (e.g. keeping control over the corporate entity, exit strategy); if advising the business, we tend to focus more on growth and development (regardless of individual objectives of the founder(s)). This has to be discussed in the early stages of our representation and the written fee agreement clarifies the scope of engagement.


    Expansion of Your Business

    If your business is growing and you’re considering expanding beyond our borders, we also have an extensive network of trusted advisors we can rely on, especially in Europe.